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Trelya’s ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted registered specialist nursery provides individualised support to pregnant women and children aged 0 to 4 and their parents. Support takes a ‘360-degree holistic approach’ considering and working within all areas of each child’s life – home, nursery and community – providing continuity and serving as a link between the different aspects.

Through Skylar, each child engages in 15 hours a week of individualised support across the EYFS curriculum and additional services include family support, partnership work, therapies, and home visiting. Our unique working model has evolved from grass roots experience, whole families are offered support, interventions and opportunities – providing a family wide positive impact on health and wellbeing. 

One of Skylar’s key aims is to address the high levels of educational disenfranchisement and structural inequalities experienced by the local community. For example only 31% of 5 year olds from this community achieve expected levels in EYFS prime areas compared to 70% nationally (Department for Education 2019). In contrast, to date, most children have been assessed as ‘school ready’ when they leave Skylar to begin primary school, in line with the national figures.

Skylar is staffed by an experienced multi-disciplinary team, ensuring we are meeting need in the most holistic way possible. 

Current session times for Skylar nursery:

Tuesday 8.30 AM to 1.30 PM
Wednesday 8.30 AM to 1.30 PM
Friday 8.30 AM to 1.30 PM

Skylar Transition

Ensuring a successful transition from Trelya’s Skylar nursery to and through primary is critical to childrens continued success.

Through Skylar Transition, each child aged 5 to 8 years old is provided with weekly, face to face support on both a one to one and small group basis. Sessions take place in class, on the playground, at home and out in the community and are tailored to meet the needs of each individual child. Workers cover a range of issues and activities for example ensuring children have school uniforms, supporting homework, removing barriers to attending extra curricular activities, self-management, consistent attendance and academic achievement, making friends, enjoying school and meeting their full potential.

We work closely with parents, carers and schools, particularly class teachers, to provide specific, intensive support that meets the individual needs of each child.

Physics Pick n Mix

In addition to the core services delivered through Skylar and Skylar Transition, we also deliver a series of specialist projects each year, which develop specific skills and provide positive developmental experiences. 

Examples include:

Physic’s Pick n’ Mix – funded by The Institute of Physics, the project provided exciting physics based activities for pre-school and primary children.

Cudjack – funded by Youth Music, Cudjack used progressive music activities to develop the emotional, social and creative skills of pre-school children. Learning from Cudjack continues to inform Skylar’s music practice today and forms the foundation for our music therapy programme.

Opportunities through Sport – The Peter Harrison Foundation funded a permanent traversing wall in Trelya’s gymnasium which can be used to deliver climbing games that build numeracy, communication and literacy skills.

Creative time in Skylar

Embedded into all Trelya’s core services are:

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